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 CovAz's App

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PostSubject: CovAz's App   CovAz's App Icon_minitimeWed Oct 27, 2010 11:42 am

InGame Nick Name:CovAz
What is your Age:17
Main class:Titan
Subclass(s):I don't have any sub yet.But I will do the subclasses that the clan need.
English Speaking?: Yes
Are you Noblesse?:Not yet.I just started to play
Do you have A grade or higher gear?Even though I am higher than 61lv I dont have a grade gear.
How often are you online? I play 3 hours per day and 6-8 hours at the weekends
Do you have Ventrillo?Yes and a mic also
What are your previous clans/server? I was in a serious clan (forceability) on L2forever.Server closed.
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CovAz's App
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