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 Clan Rules of Dynasty

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Clan Rules of Dynasty Empty
PostSubject: Clan Rules of Dynasty   Clan Rules of Dynasty Icon_minitimeFri Jul 31, 2009 7:56 pm

1st We dont swear on general/clan/alliance chat
2nd Respect people on clan to be respected
3rd All clan members if taking a break for an extended period of time must contact to leader or co-leaders or post in the away section forum. Clan members after 1 weeks of inactivity without any given notice will be removed from clan
4th Everyone is expected some time at least, of their "clan play time", helping the clan or attending Raids/Sieges/Mass PVP
5th Mats/Recipes/Parts A+ are going to clan werehouse so the clan will help you on items and anything else that someone will need*
6th During Raid-Siege-Mass pvp, you should, keep chatter to a minimum.Speak only when spoken to by your party leader, clan leader, or co-leaders
7th Dont spam on clan chat and mostly speak English on clan chat so everyone will understand,use your nature language to speak to someone about something fast(Party/Meeting) NOT to open a clan dialogue on clan chat

P.S (*)All these will be given to me from trade so i can see who is helping the clan and who not

Co-leaders are:
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Clan Rules of Dynasty
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